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Leader Resources

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Welcome to our leader resources page. We are committed to investing in you and helping you become confident and committed leaders. You are the core of our church. Without strong and healthy leaders, we couldn't achieve the goals and dreams God has planned for Maury Hills and our community. Healthy leaders make a healthy church and healthy groups. Look around and use these tools. We are constantly adding

to this page so come often. We are here to help.

Reading through the entire Bible is a daunting task. The Story makes it easy. It's a Bible in chronological order with no book or verse references. It's meant to read like a novel and the text comes directly from the New International Version of the Bible. We'll be using this text for our series. Each week's message will correspond with a reading schedule, online videos to help you better understand the Bible, and small group discussion questions to dive deeper. We're encouraging all our small groups to do this study together. By the end of the series, you'll be able to say you FINALLY read the whole Bible. And you'll have a better understanding of just how much God loves you and how far he's willing to go to reconcile you to him.

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