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STEP ONE is designed to assist you in discovering your created purpose. God created us for relationship with him and with others. Receiving forgiveness and mercy is the destination of redemption. Our goal is to equip you to live out your redemptive purpose and to pass it on to others. Step One its just that, step one. It is designed to move you from hello two connected.

Find Your Fit
Keep Growing

Step One begins with a win. You have already attended on a Sunday. Now we want to show you how to connect with our church. We will provide a free lunch, childcare, and Russ will share stories, our vision and mission, and leave plenty of time for your questions.

Step Two is designed to help you discover your passion. It's not an event but a process. We will follow-up and walk with you to find community and a place to serve. This glorifies God and lives out the example of Jesus. We believe that life is better connected.

Step Three is only the beginning of what you are to become as a follower of Jesus. Now that you have found connection and joined a serve team, continue growing and through Russ' teaching on Sundays, personal prayer and study, and serving in our church and community. 




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