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There is nothing like a story.

They CAPTURE us.

They INSPIRE us.


God is a victorious and loving God. Like him, we are about life-change. We believe that God changes lives every day. This is the home for telling those stories. Do you have a story to tell? We want to hear it. To God be the glory!

LOGAN'S story

A young boy diagnosed with Autism and almost completely nonverbal possesses a unique gift using his voice and music. This is as much his parents' story as his own. Using God-given gifts in seemingly impossible circumstances.

CONNOR'S story

A high school student felt like there was more God had to offer. Reaching out, his questioning almost got overlooked. An encounter on social media led to a new life in Jesus and a new community to follow him.

KIM'S story

A mom working through financial struggle finds out there is a better way to live free of debt. Getting connected to a local financial counseling ministry in her hometown started her on a path to financial freedom. Life is so much better when you are calling the shots.

KELSEY'S story

A dream vacation to make memories and rest became something very different. Kelsey's story reminds us that life can change in a moment. This tragedy became something very different as well. It became a story of faith, hope, courage, and proof, again, that God is with us.