Women in the Church

In September of 2010, our church completed a seven week study of this topic. This followed more than two years of study by our church’s leadership. As a result of our conclusions, some of our practices in the worship assembly have changed to be more inclusive of women. Our belief is that women can participate in any activity of the assembly and serve in any capacity of the church with the exception of serving as an elder or senior minister. This position is explained thoroughly in the following resources which include the written versions of the sermons.


  1. Women in the Church (intro)

  2. Women in the Creation Story (Genesis)

  3. Women in the Life of Israel & the Ministy of Jesus (OT & the Gospels)

  4. Women in the Early Church (Acts & the Letters)

  5. Women Must Be Silent? (1st Cor 14)

  6. I Permit Not a Woman... (1st Tim 2)

  7. Questions & Answers (conclusions/next steps)

  8. Selected Resources


Audio versions are available on CDs through the church office.

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