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  • What types of community groups are there?
    We typically offer groups for: Married couples Married and singles (mixed) Men only Women only Young adults (20-30) We are always open to new groups for new people. Got an idea? Share it with us.
  • How do I join a community group?
    Group sign-ups happen two times each year in January and August. You can sign-up on our website (homepage and groups page), through our app, on our connect card (physical cards are on the back of the seats in our worship center), or our online card (QR code is on the back of the seats or on the screens during sign-up period). Sign-up for an email reminder when groups are open online.
  • What is a community group?
    Community groups are small groups of 5-8 couples or 12-16 individuals who meet in homes or a location that they choose. Community groups are designed to make big church smaller so you can meet and know people for social and spiritual growth. The church provides message-based discussion guides.
  • What other types of groups do you have?
    We offer Short-term Groups each season that are based on biblical topics or books, spiritual and mental health, as well as many others. These groups are led by pastors, uniquely qualified teachers or professionals, or others with a specific interest.
  • When and where do community groups meet?
    Groups typically meet 2-3 times per month in members' homes. Each group determines when and where they meet based on what works best for the group.
  • What do I do with my kids when my group meets?
    We do not offer childcare, but we offer a childcare supplement (at a predetermined rate) for the group as a whole or for individuals or couples.
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