you are a new creation

Baptism is an important part of our faith response to God. It’s our embrace of

the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. It signifies that we are entering into a relationship with him.

It’s a pledge or commitment to God and it represents the washing away of our sins.  All of those things are beautifully embodied in the practice of baptism.  However, baptism is not some magical ritual or work of merit. 

It’s not a hoop that we jump through to join a church or a legalistic technicality we use to let folks in or keep

them out.  Baptism doesn’t make us perfect or right, just forgiven. It reminds us of who we are,

whose we are, and by whose power we are saved.

what is baptism

what does the bible say about baptism?

what do i need to know to be baptized?