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Sometimes you can't make it to church. We all get sick or go out of town. Sometimes you might just want to watch it again or tell your family and friends to watch. No worries, you can watch all of our sermon series online, right here.

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Come to the Table


Reconstruction: Building Good Faith in An Age of Reconstruction
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Faith Alone: A Study of Romans
A Commandment Ignored
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The New Normal Is Not Normal

The past two years has seriously skewed what believe to be "normal" behavior and thinking. The problem is, that  new "normal" isn't healthy. We need to reconnect.

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At the Movies 2022

This is our annual summer series discovering spiritual learning from movies we all watch. 

Addressing Injustice Screen.jpg
Addressing Injustice

A message about how Maury Hills partnered with people from the community to help free those suffering under the weight of predatory lenders. Many lives have been changed and many more to come.

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The Afterlife

We all want to know what heaven is like. What happens when we die? That'a what this series is about. Something good is coming.

A Tale of Five Cities.png
A Tale of Five Cities

This series is about what Jesus revealed about himself in five key cities during his ministry leading to the cross and resurrection.

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Anchored Spirituality
Sir, We Want to See Jesus

From John 12:21

Life By The Spirit_website.png
Life By the Spirit

God designed a better world rooted in His own essence of kindness, gentleness, goodness, patience, peace and much more. This series includes Advent from Christmas at Maury Hills. 

2_A Church Called Good Screen Title_website.png
A Church Called Good

In a toxic world with toxic environments, the Church is a place born to be good.

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